The Best Packing Tape for Taking Your Online Retail Store International

The Best Packing Tape for Taking Your Online Retail Store International

You’re finally ready to go international with your online retail store. That’s a big step, so congratulations! No doubt, you have considered things from many different angles to determine that is the next big step for your business. However, have you stopped to consider whether your packing tape is up to the challenge?

First of all, Packages go through much more wear while traveling overseas than they do in the US. Your package is going to get tossed into the cargo compartment of the plane and have to deal with the turbulence as that plane crosses an ocean. Heavy-duty packing tape is vital so that your product stays in the package during the long journey.

Next, your package will have to go through customs in the destination country. Branded packing tape can confirm that this is a retail purchase. It may move the customs officer to trust the product description and value that you have placed on the outside of the box. Even if the package has to be opened, it will still be clear to the recipient that you took care to package their purchase well, and your branding will make a good impression.

The Best Custom Printed Packing Tape

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