How Wholesale Packing Tape Offers the Best Customer Service

How Wholesale Packing Tape Offers the Best Customer Service

At Wholesale Packing Tape, we offer a premium product at a wholesale price, so how can we afford also to provide our customers with great service? We’ll let you in on our secret.

Get Your Shipping Needs Filled by a Family-Owned Business

The secret is that we’ve been family-owned for almost 40 years. We may be able to custom print your packing tape and produce bulk orders, but that doesn’t mean we’re a corporate giant that can’t provide good service.

We manufacture the custom printed packing tape ourselves. There’s no middleman to take a cut. That allows us to provide you with a great price on a premium shipping product. But we also take pride in being family-owned, so when you call us, you can speak with a live tape expert. It’s our way of meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.

Partner Up with the Printed Tape Experts

If you operate a small business and sell products online, you need packing tape. Let us be your custom packing tape printers and get all the benefits that come from working along with another small business that is focused on providing a great experience for each and every client.

Give us a call today at 760-672-1126 to discuss the printed tape needs of your business. You can also contact us online with any questions or to request a quote for your special order. We look forward to forming a mutually beneficial business relationship with your online retail shop.