The Best Packing Tape for Your Etsy Store


Shopping local used to mean heading to the nearby mom and pop store to make a purchase, but now shopping local can take place on a global scale as little sole proprietorships sell to clients online. If you run an Esty store, you don’t want all of your revenue to go on packaging supplies. However, you still want to buy the right packing tape. Here are some tips.

#1 Appearances Mean Something

When a package arrives, it is an exciting day. Some people get just as excited over things they purchase online as they do unwrapping gifts under the Christmas Tree. With that in mind, you can understand how important appearances are. Your packing tape is sort of like the gift wrapping. It is one of the first things your patron will see, and he or she may get even more excited if the packing tape is beautifully printed rather than a plain clear or solid color.

#2 Branding Is Important

What sets you apart from all the other stores on Etsy? Make sure your store stands out with branded packing tape. It elevates your business from being something you do on the side, perhaps in a corner of the basement, to being a real brand that a shopper should remember and come back to (even if you really do just work in a corner of the basement).

Attractive and Affordable Options for Printed Packing Tape

Wholesale Packing Tape offers you attractive packing tape with your branding printed in up to four colors. Plus, our wholesale prices are affordable for any home business that wants to put forth a professional front or even for a large online selling operation. Talk to a tape expert now by calling 760-652-9087, or you can submit our online contact form.