Order Printed Packing Tape for Your Online Store Today

Order Printed Packing Tape for Your Online Store Today

From Amazon and Etsy to eBay and e-commerce sites, there are plenty of places to hawk your wares online. Regardless of the marketplace that you find the most convenient, you should be using printed packing tape with your own business logo featured prominently on all your product packaging.

While the quality of your product will be the most import thing to consumers, you have to remember that the first thing they will see when UPS, FedEx, or USPS arrives is the product packaging. Here are a few reasons that printed packing tape can make a great first impression:

  • Marketing – Having your logo featured prominently establishes your brand as legitimate. No one associates printed packing tape with a business that is run out of someone’s spare room. But you can market in an affordable way and still provide your customers with personalized service like the small business owner that you are.
  • Wow factor – You want your customers to get excited from the second they see the package, not just once they have the opportunity to tear the box open. Plus, with influencers opening their products in front of viewers on a regular basis, creating anticipation and excitement is an increasingly important part of what you do as an online seller.

High-Quality Printed Packing Tape at Wholesale Prices

Wholesale Packing Tape is your source for the best tape at affordable rates. We’re a family owned business, so we can offer the customer service of a small business while also providing the high-quality product of a professional printed tape provider. To learn more, call 760-652-9087, or you can contact us online.