2 Reasons Your Etsy Store Should Be Using Custom Packing Tape

2 Reasons Your Etsy Store Should Be Using Custom Packing Tape

Etsy is a great place for small business owners like yourself to be able to grow a retail store in the modern world where a local mom and pop shop would normally struggle to compete with the local superstore as far as price is concerned. The Internet gives you a place to offer quality craftsmanship at a price that is reasonable for you and for your buyers.

Packing supplies may seem like a relatively small portion of what you do, but here are two reasons that your packing tape, in particular, is important.

  • Branding – Make your store a household name and create repeat business by having your logo fixed indelibly in the mind of consumers. That’s what you can do by having your packages delivered featuring attractive custom packing tape designs that highlight your branding.
  • Anticipation – Nothing creates anticipation for opening a package like seeing it attractively boxed and knowing exactly what is inside. Your custom packing tape meets both of those goals. You beautify the exterior of an ordinary cardboard box. Plus, you let the customer, who may have ordered a number of things online recently, know exactly what is contained in the package by reminding them who they purchased it from.

The Best Custom Packing Tape for Businesses Both Large and Small

Whether you are just starting out selling your wares online or you are running a major retail operation, Wholesale Packing Tape can print the attractive and affordable custom packing tape that your business needs in order to thrive. Talk to a tape expert today by calling 760-652-9087, or you can request a quote online.